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VHC is founded by Vida Heydari, a curator and gallerist with over 14 years of diverse experience in the global art world. She has worked with accomplished Indian, Iranian and Chinese contemporary artists and has also consulted for various private and public collections. 


Established in 2020, VHC is Pune’s newest contemporary art gallery. VHC celebrates art by partnering with artists, promoting their work and connecting them to art lovers.

The gallery showcases works by local and international artists and through its collateral programs aims to contribute to the cultural fabric of Pune city. VHC endeavors to create a platform to encounter and engage with relevant contemporary art practices from around the world. 


VHC also celebrates the art of fine cuisine with its restaurant. The experience of engaging with art is enhanced by the cuisine on offer, where the restaurant serves as a space of encounter, conversation and reflection.


“My time in the city has shown me there’s an abundance of artists and art lovers. I want VHC to be a space for creative minds of the city to come together, to get inspired and to facilitate a meeting place for art lovers and like minded people.”

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