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About VHC | Vida Heydari Contemporary

VHC | Vida Heydari Contemporary is an international art gallery in Pune specialising in contemporary art and representing established and emerging artists with diverse backgrounds, across a variety of mediums and genres.

Founded in 2020 with an emphasis on authenticity, quality and innovation, VHC aims to contribute to the cultural fabric of the city. The gallery is committed to fostering the careers of its artists and sharing their work with a global audience, providing a platform for under-represented artists, presenting pioneering museum-quality exhibitions, positive collaborations, price transparency and offering a very hands-on and tailored high-quality


In less than three years from its inception, VHC has mounted significant exhibitions featuring local and international artists. It has also participated in some of the most prestigious art fairs, such as Art Basel Hong Kong, India Art Fair and India Design ID.


In addition to the gallery program, VHC hosts talks, performances, workshops and educational programs to create engaging and enriching artistic experiences that capture the essence of life.

About the Founder

VHC was founded by Vida Heydari, a visionary curator, gallerist and collector with nearly two decades of diverse experience in the global art world. She has worked with accomplished Indian, Iranian and Chinese contemporary artists and has consulted for various private and public collections.

Known for her keen eye for detail and talent recognition, Heydari's Canadian-Iranian heritage and long exposure to Indian Culture have also informed her curatorial choices. This is reflected in VHC’s unique collection that celebrates the fusion of Eastern and Western artistic influences. Under Heydari's direction, VHC has become a platform to encounter and engage with relevant contemporary art practices from around the world.

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